Vietnamese rice is on the shelves of French E.Leclerc supermarket for the first time

On September 2, Vietnamese rice grains appeared for the first time at France's leading retail supermarket chain.

ASEAN cooperates on digitalization in aid of rural development

In rural regions, digitalization and technological innovation present both benefits and obstacles.

Pepper export turnover in 8 months increased by more than 11%

According to the Vietnam Pepper Association, it is expected that in August 2022, Vietnam will export 16,500 tons of pepper, with a turnover of 66 million USD. In 8 months, Vietnam exported 162,000 tons, with a turnover of 739 million USD, compared with the same period, the export volume decreased by 19% but the turnover increased by 11.1%.

Quang Ninh has ambitions of VND 8,000 billion from marine farming

In the period of 2025 - 2030, Quang Ninh aims to achieve a production value from marine aquaculture of over VND 8,000 billion, accounting for about 70% of the total value of aquaculture production.

Opportunities for Long An agricultural products to enter the Korean market

Long An province invites Korean businesses to continue investing in the agricultural product processing industry, logistics, health, beauty and importing dragon fruit products, lemons, bananas, rice...

Picking black specialty fruits, farmers in Son Ninh commune are excited because of the good harvest.

Starting from the 7th lunar month, people in the "capital" of black canarium in Son Ninh commune (Huong Son, Ha Tinh) are busy again in the harvest season. This year, the price can be filled, so people are very excited.

Farmers overcome the 'supplies price storm' with the No. 7 Hana rice variety

In the summer-autumn crop of 2022, the price of materials has increased. However, thanks to the production associated with the enterprise, along with the good harvest of Hana No. 7 rice variety, farmers have overcome difficulties.

Macadamia: ‘Supernumerary actor’ becomes ‘the main role’

From intercropping and planting to cover bare land, macadamia in Dak Lak has now asserted itself as the main source of income for many families.

Continue to spread the program of smart rice farming

With the great success of the period 2016 - 2022, Binh Dien and the National Center for Agricultural Extension will continue to maintain and spread the smart rice farming program.

Macadamia tree, from 'double side' to the main role

From intercropping, planting to covering bare land, the macadamia tree in Dak Lak has now confirmed its effectiveness and is becoming the main source of income for many families.

The kind of fruit that is only for smelling, not for eating, helps shopkeepers collect millions dong every day

With prices ranging from 90,000 to 120,000 VND/kg, gold apple (quả thị), a fruit that is only for smelling, not for eating, is peddled on the streets. The fruit is small and beautiful, but the shop owner can earn millions every day.

Care should be taken to develop macadamia trees in Nghe An

Macadamia has been tested in many units in Nghe An since 2003. As a result, the tree grew well, and flowered wrongly but did not bear fruit or produced very little fruit.

Rice exports can completely "reach the target" of 6.3 million tons

With the goal of exporting 6.3 million tons of rice in 2022, worth $3.3 billion, many agricultural experts believe that rice exports can completely "reach the target", even exceeding the set plan.

The Vinaseed rice variety set 'fascinates' farmers in Quang Ngai

From year to year, from the winter-spring crop to the summer-autumn crop, Vinaseed's rice varieties always show outstanding characteristics in the fields of Quang Ngai.

Effective models to help people in mountainous communes rise up

Many families in the mountainous commune of Truong Xuan have boldly converted crops and livestock with high efficiency for everyone to follow…

Growing mulberry to raise silkworms, farmers in mountainous communes no longer worry about poverty

Converting inefficient crops to growing mulberry to raise silkworms, people in area 1 Phuc Tho (Lam Ha district) have a stable income source and get rich.

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